The Sahlberg House

111 E. Main St., Carmel, IN 46032



December 15 to January 6, 2019

An elaborate miniature house measuring 49 inches tall, 72 inches wide and 20 inches deep that has unexpectedly become available for our museum to display. Jimmy Landers and Carl Sahlberg are the main architects. Seven other miniature artisans collaborated on the project, including Linda Orleff of Lighting Bug Ltd. who designed the wall sconces, a two-tier chandelier, and other fixtures, and Barbara Sabia who custom-made the 10-inch high stained glass windows in the library.

Jimmy has been building houses in miniature for many years. His pieces have included the Victorian Helmerich House, the Colonial (Brandywine) dollhouse, the 1900 series of storefronts, the Flatiron Building, the 1909 River Valley Hardware Store, and many others. Jimmy named this new house the Sahlberg in honor of Carl Sahlberg of Creative Reproductions 2 Scale who created the cabinetry and wired the entire house for electricity. A unique part of the wiring system is that the house is lit with a DC power source instead of an AC transformer. Carl explains, "The DC power source works better. It has a constant current which makes all the lights last longer and being direct current, allow one to use LEDs and newer electronic components such as remote controls. We have over 500 LED bulbs."

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