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Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

140 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46204
Venue Phone: 317-635-5252
Event Phone: 317-635-5252


searing sci-fi tale

Indiana Repertory Theatre lights a fire in this cold winter with the dystopian classic, Fahrenheit 451. Published in 1953, this science fiction classic by Ray Bradbury is even more relevant today as the play sparks questions surrounding society’s use of technology, value of the freedom of thought, and more.

“Just months ago we were celebrating the transformational power of literature in The Book Club Play. Now, we imagine a world where our modern-day heroes are keeping us from the joy and imagination and freedom we receive from these same beloved books. Bradbury’s dystopia invites us all to consider our relationship to technology and ask the simple and important question: ‘Are you happy?’” said Benjamin Hanna, IRT’s Associate Artistic Director and Director of Fahrenheit 451.

In Fahrenheit 451, the written word is forbidden and firemen are paid to burn books instead of fight fires. When the main character, fireman Montag, starts to read the books he is supposed to burn, he begins to question the life he leads. Now he must choose between continuing his regimented existence or risk everything for the right to think.

“Bradbury’s 1953 novel, set in an unidentified future, was more prescient than perhaps even he knew, and we are fascinated to have discussions with audiences about how this work lands for them today. We will hope the art can ignite purposeful discussion about the importance of ideas and discourse and the preservation of classic texts,” said Janet Allen, IRT’s Margot Lacy Eccles Artistic Director.

Tickets: $25 and up.