Post. Festival 2019

5505 E. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46219


Following a successful inaugural event in 2018, the Post. Festival is back for year two with a grander scope, a larger venue, and eyes set on establishing the finest assemblage of niche rock artists to take place on American soil.

Showcasing more than 20 diverse acts over two days, the artists featured at the festival span an array of musical sub-genres from post-rock, post-hardcore, post-metal, shoegaze, to ambient, experimental and drone music. “Post” music, largely instrumental, is known for utilizing texture, tone, and mood to create dramatic crescendos and soundscapes for listeners.

The weekend event is not only a long list of who’s who under the “post” umbrella of music, but an opportunity for fans and artists to come together and celebrate a scene that has built itself into a global presence without the aid of commercial status. Post. Festival organizers Derek Vorndran and Nason Frizzell partnered with the largely successful Belgian-based Dunk! Festival to bring a like-minded event stateside for passionate fans of the genre. With 75% of attendees coming from outside of Indianapolis last year, Vorndran and Frizzell seek to promote the genre locally and regionally in order to continue to grow the now-annual event.

The Post. Festival 2019 lineup features O’Brother, The End of the Ocean, Spotlights, HOLY FAWN, RANGES, Lowercase Noises, Hotel Neon, The Life and Times, Pray For Sound, Shy, Low, Au Revoir, Moira, I/O, SOM, Wander, Driving Slow Motion, Girih, Baikonur, Circus Trees and Doktra.

A variety of vendors will be on site for the weekend as well as festival partners, Indiana City Brewing serving up local craft beer to attendees. The event is open to all ages.

Tickets: $45-$60.

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