Known Pokémon GO Gyms in Indianapolis

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Have you noticed groups of adults walking around downtown Indianapolis together looking at their phones? Okay, you probably see this every day, but if you’ve noticed an uptick in phone wandering activity, just chalk it up to Pokèmon GO.
In what seemed like an overnight sensation, Pokèmon GO has taken over the Internet by reminding kids who grew up in the '90s what fun they had playing the card game Pokèmon. Digitized into a mobile app, Pokèmon GO is trending for its unique ability to get people moving about their city to discover and capture Pokèmon
How it works:
Once you download Pokèmon GO onto your Apple or Android phone, you create an account and allow the app to use your GPS. The GPS is the key feature that allows the app to know where you are and unlock Pokémon to appear around you. The more you move around, the more Pokèmon show up, encouraging you to get off the couch or expand your normal routine by engaging with your city or location. Pokèmon will show up around you, and as the game’s tagline goes, you gotta catch them all. For a full explanation of game play, rules, and history of Pokèmon, go here.
Pokèmon GO is free, engaging, and brings people together to get active and explore their city in new ways. After an afternoon of searching, you'll soon bump to a level five. At that point, you'll be able to access "gyms," the hub for Pokèmon training. 
So where are the best spots in Indianapolis for Pokèmon GO activity, you ask? We've assembled 10 known gyms in Indy below:
  1. Indianapolis International Airport
  2. The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
  3. Indiana World War Memorial
  4. Indianapolis Zoo
  5. Monument Circle
  6. Lucas Oil Stadium
  7. Indiana State Fairgrounds
  8. Broad Ripple Park
  9. St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church
This is by no means an exhaustive list of Pokémon GO gyms in the Circle City, but rather a few to get you started on your search to catch them all.


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