Pleasant Run Greenway

Ellenberger Park to Garfield Park
Indianapolis, IN


The Pleasant Run Trail stretches from Ellenberger Park in the historic Irvington area, to Christian Park and on to Garfield Park south of Raymond St. Major access is at Ellenberger Park, Christian Park, or Garfield Park.

  • Length: 6.9 miles
  • Activities: Walking, bicycling, inline skating
  • Surface: Asphalt, 5'-12' wide
  • Destinations: Garfield Park, Christian Park, Ellenberger Park, Orange Park

Much of Pleasant Run flows with the stream and the stately roadway of the same name; in other places, the trail seeks the most natural passage through neighborhood boundaries, using the same sidewalks as residents. The trail meanders along Pleasant Run Creek offering a paved route for walking, bicycling, rollerblading. The Pleasant Run Trail connects recreation facilities such as the Kin Hubbard Memorial and Garfield Park & Conservatory. All three parks have loop trails that provide an additional two miles of trail.