New Art-Centric Hyatt Hotel

Indianapolis hotels have become a true epicenter for art within the city. Leading the way in the newest installation of modern, Indianapolis themed art is the recently opened dual-branded Hyatt House/Hyatt Place. Eaton Fine Art curated 44 pieces for the downtown hotel, all of which reflect the city’s pride for local sports and history. With such locally focused art, the new hotel successfully connects the community, and visitors, through sports and Indy’s past.  Below are the five must-see art pieces featured at the new Hyatt House/Hyatt Place.

Full Court Press

Full Court PressDesigned by local artist Chris Vorhees, this floor-to-ceiling sculpture celebrates basketball with a sustainable flare. Each shape is made from local refurbished gym floors. Many of these shapes are carved in circles as an ode to the Circle City. You can find this glowing piece of art on the first and second floor.


BounceUpon entering the Hyatt House/Hyatt Place Hotel, guests are greeted by a sculpture that will bring them back to their childhood. That is the intention of local educator and visual artist Reagan Furgueron, who brought his memory of his gym teacher emptying a bag of basketballs and dodgeballs onto the gym floor to life. With colorful steel tube trails, each ball in the sculpture appears to bounce with cheer for every guest who walks through the main entrance. 

Shard Wall

Shard WallElena Colombo sculpted this striking outdoor piece to pay tribute to Indy’s past. As one of the largest railroad hubs of the U.S. in the 20th century, this sculpture features shards of railroad tracks. The sculpture is intended to commemorate the wholesalers, warehouses, and businesses that flourished thanks to the railroad traffic. 

Wood Track

Wood TrackContinuing with the sports-town theme, Chris Vorhees designed another wooden sculpture. This time, however, it references what most people in the world think of when one mentions “Indianapolis”—the Indy 500. Vorhees, who over time has developed his own process of curving wood, shaped a piece of pine wood into a sublime version of the Indy 500 race track. It is even perfectly made to scale.

Jersey Wall

Jersey WallCurated by Eaton Fine Art, this sleek, colorful, and simplistic art piece celebrates the most notable athletes from Indiana or Indiana sports teams. A few of the athletes represented include Peyton Manning from the Colts, Larry Bird from Indiana State, Gordon Hayward from Butler University, and Joe Montana who played for Norte Dame before going on to play for the San Francisco 49ers. 

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