Practicing Diversity in Meetings

JUNE 15, 2018
As meeting organizers embrace diversity and inclusion, their event playbook evolves.

Indy's Evolving Food Scene and Your Group

JUNE 7, 2018
In 2017 alone, nearly 30 restaurants opened in downtown Indy — and there’s been a lot more since — which has meant enhanced experiences for large groups who meet there.

Incorporate Wellness Into Your Meeting

Providing exercise, meditation, and healthful food options at your meetings is a great recipe for satisfied and focused attendees.

Treat Your Event Like a Culinary Experience

Using local food and drink to elevate the meeting experience.

Events to Write Home About

AUGUST 25, 2017
When it comes to happiness, memorable experiences trump things. This isn’t just anecdotal; psychological research proves it.

Maximize After-Hours Productivity

OCTOBER 4, 2016
After a long day at a conference or meeting, most attendees look forward to relaxing and cutting loose. But that doesn’t mean their productivity has to come to a screeching halt.

Encourage Walking Meetings

SEPTEMBER 16, 2016
Walking is great for brains. It improves creativity, which can be a boon for meetings.


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