DECEMBER 14, 2016

Photo Blog: First (Real) Snowfall This Winter

Vermont may be beautiful this time of year (#AllThatSnow), but Indy looks nice in white, too. After yesterday's snow, the city is feeling pretty festive. A winter wonderland, indeed.

1. Indiana State House 

Indiana State House

2. American Legion Mall

American Legion Mall3. Indiana World War Memorial

Indiana World War Memorial

4. Monument Circle

Monument Circle

6. Soldiers & Sailors Monument

Monument Circle

7. Hilbert Circle Theatre

Hilbert Circle Theatre


All photos by Dawn Olsen (@Dmarieolsen).

Dawn Olsen is a native Iowan, a Purdue graduate, and a defender of the Oxford comma. She moved to Indianapolis in 2012 and first lived in an 1860s Victorian in Herron-Morton. Dawn currently resides in historic Holy Rosary, in an apartment that is equidistant from both General American Donut Company and Rocket 88 Doughnuts. She works full-time as an editorial assistant for the Indiana General Assembly, and also works as a freelance writer. Dawn’s work can be found on Historic Indianapolis; Big City, little Indiana; and on her personal blog, where she shares creative non-fiction. When she’s not writing, Dawn is Instagramming, shopping at Homespun, or biking the Cultural Trail.
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