Where to Find the NDY Sculptures Around Indy

Be the "I" in Indy. Declare your love to the world.

There are lots of reasons to love a city. It could be the meal that blew your mind. It could be the event, game, or convention that made an impact on your life. It could be a million little things that make your heart swell with pride. We're giving you a postcard-perfect opportunity to declare what it is about Indy that makes you swoon.

All you have to do is:

  • STAND: Find the foot prints and become the "I" in Indy.
  • SNAP: Kindly ask someone to take your picture.
  • SHARE: Post to your favorite social network with hashtag #LOVEINDY

 You can find sculptures at the following locations:

  • Canal Walk at White River State Park, behind the Indiana State Museum
  • Indianapolis International Airport
  • Massachusetts Ave and Alabama Street Intersection 



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