Nathaniel Edmunds Photography
Indy Partner

Indianapolis, IN



Open Mon.-Fri., 9 am-3 pm and by appointment

As photographers, Nathaniel Edmunds Photography approaches our corporate and non-profit events with a marketing perspective. The images we create are typically being used for public relations, marketing, and social media announcements. Keeping that forefront in our minds, we recognize the importance of reflecting our clients’ brand with the utmost respect during the event.

We work closely with the event planners prior to each event, to fully understand the flow of the event, critical time table, and brand attributes. We request information about VIPs attending events and posed shots that are important to capture. We also insure we photograph each venue prior to guests arriving so the event planners may appreciate the hard work they put in to coordinating.

Our commercial work tends to have a sensitive timetable so we turnaround the images quickly, and even can do onsite editing if required.

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