Local Holiday Gift Guide

Not sure what to gift your loved ones this holiday season? Why not surprise them with one—or more—of these unique, artisan, Indiana-sourced items! From handcrafted jewelry to next-level children's clothes to locally sourced hot sauce, there's something for everyone on your shopping list. 

Check out these and more local gift ideas during Yelp's Totally Virtual Bazaar, an online shopping mecca with over 100 Indiana-sourced goodies. 

8th Day Distillery

8th Day bottlesThe gift of homemade signature cocktails can speak volumes this holiday season. Make it easy and support local with 8th Day Distillery’s bottled rums, gin, and whiskey.

Amazing Hazel's

Amazing Hazel's

Hot sauce, popcorn seasoning, and bloody Mary mixes serve as great stocking stuffers. These are just some of the items you can find when shopping at Amazing Hazel’s.

Bee Coffee Roasters

Bee Coffee RoastersThe perfect present for those working from home: local coffee beans. Nothing gets them through the day better than a freshly brewed cup of their favorite local coffee brand.

Boomerang Boutique

Boomerang Boutique interiorPick up a pair of funky earrings, a cozy scarf, or a quirky magnet at this Mass Ave boutique. Owner Felicia has all you need to shop for fans of the whimsical.

Circles Ice Cream

Circle Ice CreamWe all love ice cream. And when it’s delivered right to your door, it’s the epitome of holiday magic. Browse Circle Ice Cream’s holiday-inspired flavors of locally produced ice cream.

Cream and Concrete

Cream and Concrete

These understated and crisp ceramic home décor items are the perfect gift for anyone wishing to add elegance to their interior design. Choose from candle bases, ceramic pots, and decorative plates to tie each room in your loved ones’ home together.

Crimson Tate

Crimson Tate Quilts

Never run out of new creations and shop Crimson Tate’s quilting materials and stitch kits. Cozy up at home with your own handmade quilts.

Dapper Gent

Dapper Gent holiday bowtie

All dressed up with nowhere to go? With Dapper Gent’s handmade bowties in excitingly colorful designs, a party at home will be a highlight of your winter season. Order for men, children, and dogs in your life.

Dapper in the City

Dapper in the City Dog

The dogs of the city have it pretty good these days. Dial up your walks in the park and treat your pup to these handmade pet bandanas.

Gravesco Pottery

Gravesco rose mug

Pick up a to-go coffee mug, planter, plates, or a sourdough bread making kit to beautify your holiday table.

Indy Attraction Pass

With a click of a button, you can give your loved ones waived admission to five of Indy’s top cultural attractions for one discounted rate.

Little Love by Lok

Little Love by Lok Clothing

The perfect gift for new moms and growing kids. Little Love by Lok creates beautifully designed baby and children’s clothes, accessories, blankets, and more. With the winter season approaching, give the gift of comfort for those extra hours at home.

Savor V

Savor V cupcake in a jar

Customizable sweet treats, with a twist! Savor V offers unique sugary concoctions served in a jar. Owner V. Taybron has perfected her cupcake recipe, offering multiple flavors and custom sprinkles sure to please anyone on your list.

Shea Bodyworks

Shea Bodyworks

Famous for her Happy Feet moisturizer that will make even the driest of feet sigh in relief, owner Saidah just put out a new unisex scent to appeal to all audiences.

Sloane Jewelry

Sloane Jewelry

Designer and owner Sloane creates the daintiest pieces of stunning jewelry, made with Argentium Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Filled, and Rose Gold Filled wire and sheet metal.

Woven Dimensions

Woven Dimensions bunnies

Adorable and fun hand-woven ornaments to spice up your trees this holiday season.