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Jennie DeVoe
Do317 Partner

5377 N. College Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46220
Venue Phone: 317-253-4900

Broad Ripple

Jennie DeVoe is an independent American Soul singer/songwriter with a unique Americana-Soul-Roots and Blues style of music that has earned her awards, national acclaim, loyal fans of all ages and from all musical genres and connects her to an audience like no other. Howard Dukes of Soul Tracks Magazine writes, “ DeVoe has a big, expansive voice that can go from a Joplin-esque, throaty raspiness in one note to explosive heights with the next. She sings with an honesty that makes the listener believe she is baring her soul on every song. Her songwriting captures the wittiness, world weariness, hope and simple brilliance that is blues music at its best.”

DeVoe has released ten independent albums, 6 studio albums, 3 of which were recorded in England with acclaimed producer/musician John Parish. Her songs have earned her a Billboard Award, National TV Song Placement and National & International Radio Play and a Sony licensing deal for her album Strange Sunshine. She’s played shows with world renowned award winning artists including Susan Tedeschi, Joanne Shaw Taylor, John Hiatt, Lucinda Willaims, Jack Johnson, Bonnie Raitt, Betty LeVette and many more. Her style is original, soul-infused blues and Americana with award winning lyrics that have been compared to Dylan and Prine. Blues Revue Magazine’s Hal Horowitz, “DeVoe's melodic, gutsy songwriting--pushed by a vibrant, multi-hued voice that can shift from a catlike purr to a gospel wail and a snarling rasp within seconds--this under-the-radar singer has the talent to be a major force on either side of the Atlantic.”

The thrill for DeVoe always comes from reaching an audience and feeling that symbiotic energy that only happens when both the artist and audience connect. On stage, Jennie has the unique ability to make you laugh and cry. She lets her guard down and engages her audience with one of the best senses of humor and storytelling that you could find in any artist around today.