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Interactive Online Classes

820 E. 67th St., Indianapolis, IN 46220

Broad Ripple


August 11 to August 31

In response to the ever-developing situation with COVID-19, the Indianapolis Art Center has had to make multiple drastic changes in order to ensure the health and well-being of its community.

While many events and exhibitions have been canceled or postponed to later dates, the Art Center is happy to announce that they will be able to deliver high-quality art education to students during this time thanks to the development of new interactive virtual camps and classes.

The Art Center’s new virtual offerings are available for youth, teens, and adults. Such classes will combine both physical and online resources alongside live videos streamed from the Art Center’s own professional studios as a means to bring the same time-honored group of teaching artists together and connect them with students virtually.

Virtual art camps will consist of flexible, week-long and home-based art experiences designed with creative kids and teens in mind. Scheduled with live videos streaming on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, these engaging blocks of time are designed to be easily worked into any family’s schedule. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be dedicated to working studio days, where students can work on their assigned projects and connect virtually with instructors if they wish. Camps will follow the typical structure, with one or two lessons per day and material kits will be made available to families via curbside pickup. Due to the nature of the camps, prices will reflect up to a 30% discount compared to regular on-site camps, material kits included.

When asked about his thoughts and hopes for the new classes Colton Pedro, Director of Education & Outreach states that “It is our hope that our community will join us on this exciting new journey and take part in a new way to stay creative. We look forward to families joining in and helping to motivate students as they learn and create with us.”