Indiana's Historic National Road

P.O. Box 284
Cambridge, IN 47327


From "Wagon Road" to All-American Road, the Historic National Road is our country's first federally-funded interstate highway connecting the eastern seaboard (Maryland) to the western interior (Missouri). The Road has National Scenic Byway and All-American Road designation.

Commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson 200 years ago, the 156-mile stretch across Indiana (Route U.S. 40, Washington St. in Indianapolis) was completed in 1834 with the completion of the Whitewater River and White River bridges. And through the rise of railroads, the invention of automobiles and the creation of Interstate 70, the National Road has remained a constant.

Traveling along the Indiana National Road, you can see wonderful historic architecture, attractions and landmarks that help piece together the Historic National Road's past and its historic importance. The official Indiana National Road marker is located on the south side of the Indiana State Capitol building (Washington St./U.S. 40).

In 2006 the National Road celebrated its 200th anniversary.