Indiana Lore

450 W. Ohio St., Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center, Indianapolis, IN 46202



October 23 to November 6, 2021

Larger-than-life magic exists all over the world, even among the small towns and cornfields of the Hoosier state. Have you heard about the Beast of Busco, the car-sized snapping turtle that lurks in and around Fulk Lake? Or the Grey Lady who haunts the children’s book section of Evansville’s Willard Library?

Indiana Lore traces the roots of our state’s tall tales. Among many other legends, you can learn about the palm reader at the Tuckaway House, the supernatural spirits surrounding the Avon Bridge, and the green-eyed ghost of a bulldog that guarded its owner’s grave at Terre Haute’s Highland Lawn Cemetery.

These mysterious and mesmerizing campfire stories spark our imaginations and illuminate the rich history behind the Hoosier state. In addition to reading about Indiana’s lore throughout the exhibit, check out original art illustrating many of these stories from Indianapolis-based artists, the Braintwins.

Each story highlights a different region in Indiana and covers distinct themes surrounding houses and buildings, bridges and railways, parks and cemeteries, and seemingly impossible creatures!

Read about these stories and see if you can tell the truth from the myths!