Indiana Landmarks

1201 Central Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46202


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In Indianapolis, Indiana Landmarks offers a variety of walking tours for groups -- conventions, clubs, family and military reunions -- led by our well-trained corps of volunteers, people who are passionate and knowledgeable about the city, its stories and its landmarks and revitalized historic districts.

We can arrange a tour for your group, whether it’s 10 people -- our minimum -- or more than 100. We request a reservation at least three weeks in advance. For large groups, we will assign several guides to ensure that everyone in the group enjoys the up-close-and-personal experience of a place that only a walking tour can give.

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Indianapolis City Market Catacombs Tours

July 2-October 29, 2022

Public Bier & Building Experience Tour

July 14-August 4, 2022

Athenaeum Building Tour

July 17-November 6, 2022

Indianapolis City Market Catacombs - After Hours Tour

July 21-October 20, 2022

Mood Indigo

October 15, 2022