You value the story behind a destination - the people and events that made things how they are today. You’ve got a talent for research with an encyclopedic knowledge of dates, facts, and important events.

You’re likely to be found exploring museums, archives, and libraries to satisfy your begging curiosity. You’re a history buff, who looks at the past as a mystery waiting to be uncovered.

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History buffs conner prairie videoplay
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Conner Prairie
A Smithsonian-affiliate making history come alive

  • Span 200 years of American history at Conner Prairie, including real stories of Indians and fur traders, pioneer town life and Civil War skirmishes
  • Visit where it all got started, the red brick home of fur trapper, War of 1812 veteran, and statesman, William Conner
  • Live through the nightmarish raid of Civil War Confederate soldiers as they attacked Dupont, a southern Indiana town
History buffs history center video
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Indiana Historical Society
Showcasing History in New Ways

  • Explore the Camp Atterbury “You Are There” experience that focuses on the POWs who built a chapel on the grounds of Atterbury for worship
  • After Camp Atterbury, travel to 1877 to Colonel Eli Lilly's original laboratory on Pearl Street in Indianapolis
  • Discover Destination Indiana and its thousands of historic photos
History buffs state museum
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Indiana State Museum
The Hoosier Story from the Beginning of Time to Today

  • Experience the breadth of American history and culture through the unique lens of the Hoosier state
  • Learn about Abraham Lincoln’s boyhood in Indiana and see a rare artifact, his rough-hewn wood mallet, dated and initialed A.L. 1829 
  • Round out your day by exploring other great attractions in White River State Park 
History buffs monument
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Monuments & Memorials
Indy has More Memorials than any City Except Washington DC

Aside from Washington, D.C., Indy is home to more monuments and memorials than any other city in the U.S., and that’s because the designer protégé (Ralston) of the architect who platted Washington, D.C. (L’Enfant) came to Indianapolis to plat the Circle City.


History buffs harrison
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Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site
Inside the Life and Times of a U.S. President

  • Harrison was our 23rd president and his home tells of his life in Indy
  • The Italianate mansion features Victorian furnishings and welcomes groups for tours and interactive Civil War Dinners
  • Hear back stories about Harrison, both funny and poignant, that bring appreciation to a president who is not among our country's most famous


History buffs walker
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Madame Walker Theatre Center
The Legacy of America’s First Self-Made Female Millionaire

  • Madam CJ Walker’s story is inspiring, an African-American woman who fought the odds to develop a successful business
  • Take a building tour and also discover the history of Indiana Avenue, the center of the Black experience in Indy
  • Check out Jazz on the Avenue concerts and other programs


History buffs childrensmuseum videoplay
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The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
History Disguised as Fun

  • The world’s largest children’s museum teaches history in sneaky ways
  • Turn your watch back 65 million years and be on the lookout for tyrannosaurs, triceratops, and Maiasauras roaming at Dinosphere
  • Make friends with Egyptian mummies, Chinese warriors, and swashbuckling pirates at the Treasures of the Earth exhibition
History buffs city market
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Indianapolis City Market
Fresh Foods and Beers in Historic Marketplace

  • First opened in 1886, the Indianapolis City Market is the city’s original foodie’s haven
  • Today, the stand holders serve up a world of dishes, from Middle Eastern to Greek, Mexican, and Indian, along with favorite American fare
  • Don’t miss a tour of the Market’s historic (and a bit creepy) Romanesque underground catacombs 


History buffs vonnegut
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Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library
Learn About the Man Behind the Books

  • See Vonnegut’s drawings and doodles (including Kilgore Trout), his reading glasses, Purple Heart, and more
  • Browse first editions of every Vonnegut novel, several signed editions, films based on his work, and nearly 300 magazines featuring reviews, short stories, and political commentary
  • Wander over to Mass Ave and find the giant Vonnegut mural on the side of a building


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Oldfields-Lilly House & Gardens
Historic country estate home

  • Journey back to the 1930s for a glimpse of country estate living in the luxurious, elegant home of J.K. Lilly, Jr. and his family
  • Walk through the French Chateau style mansion’s 22 rooms and its period furnishings
  • Free guided walks through IMA's gardens are offered April through September on Saturdays and Sundays at 1 pm
History buffs cassiestockamp
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Cassie's Guide to Historic Indy
President of Prized Indy Landmark

Between running one of Indy’s most popular historic venues, the Athenaeum, and leading Indy’s largest yoga event on the steps of our beloved Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Cassie Stockamp knows a thing or two about historic attractions in Indy. Follow along as Cassie shares her favorite spots in Indy.


History buffs omni
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Omni Severin Hotel
A Century of Service and Style

  • It’s a landmark property first opened in 1913 that is complete with all the amenities and service expected in a top hotel today
  • The hotel is Indy's longest-standing Four Diamond property
  • Located along lively Illinois and Georgia Streets, the hub of downtown’s historic Wholesale District


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