Eva Kor from Auschwitz to Indiana

450 W. Ohio St., Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center, Indianapolis, IN 46202



June 30, 2022 to February 27, 2024

Eva Kor from Auschwitz to Indiana tells the remarkable story of Eva Mozes Kor, who survived Auschwitz as a child and the experiments of Dr. Joseph Mengele, and grew up to be one of the most influential Holocaust educators and activists in the world. She ignited a global manhunt for Mengele, organized other survivors, and educated millions about what happened during the Holocaust and about her vision of empowerment and forgiveness.

The exhibition explores how her life and legacy teaches us about the horrors of the Holocaust, the realities of antisemitism, and the power of an individual to make change. The exhibit includes never-before-seen artifacts and images, original film footage from award-winning documentarian Ted Green and several dynamic interactive elements, like a virtual reality experience that transports visitors to Auschwitz and includes Eva’s own voice recounting her experiences there.