Discover Showcase w/ Twisted Pine, Union Suit Rally, & The Mcdonalds
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1301 Barth Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46203

Fountain Square


December 16 08:00 PM

Spark Joy Music is offering more FREE events this fall in a new series called, Discover Showcase. These events will allow you to attend the show at no charge, and hopefully introduce you to your new favorite artists. Join us for a night of great music with Twisted Pine and Union Suit Rally, and The McDonalds on December 16th! Have a few pints, buy some merchandise from each aritst, and most importantly discover some new music with us!

Set Times:
8pm: The McDonalds
8:30pm Twisted Pine
9:30pm Union Suit Rally

Discover Showcase Mission:
Let's start over. Let's remember more of the genuine interest in music that we had when we started. There's a better way to enjoy music than getting into a narrow range of music in your teens through your mid-twenties and then checking out. Figuring nothing new out there has anything to offer us. Even those bands you get into during those years likely came from somewhere and had a stage of development before you heard about them. Some musicians do their most interesting work while they're still trying to figure out what they're doing.

This discover series will be a chance for us all to have unique opportunity again. To witness that arc of development and get into something significant, whether or not anyone right now recognizes it as such. The old chestnut attributed to Brian Eno about the Velvet Underground selling only about a thousand albums while it was still around, and that everyone that bought those albums started a band still resonates. Dismissing a band as “local” or “not professional” is a good way to miss out on something exciting until it's safe for you to like it.

Check out the music:
Twisted Pine
Union Suit Rally
The McDonalds

Sound provided by Studio Live Indy

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We look forward to hosting you.



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