Deviate Brewing

4004 W. 96th St.
Indianapolis , IN 46268


Deviate from the norm is the guiding mantra that we apply to our brewery design, approach, and how we create our recipes. Often craft beer is held and judged by standard beer style guidelines, where every aspect is defined and often confined by long standing definitions. And although we can respect the talent to brew a well made beer done to style, we believe that craft beer should be fun and push the envelope of what is traditional. Working from the fundamental foundation of a high quality base beer, one free from defects and off flavors, we like to have fun and deviate to stretch and excite your palate. Whether it'€™s taking classic food flavor pairings and incorporating them into a beer (like our Watermelon Mint Ale or Blueberry Tarragon Ale) or taking classic beer styles and putting fun flavor spins on them (like our Peanut Butter IPA or Hawaiian Imperial Stout with coconut and coffee). All of our offerings will be designed to deviate from the norm and we hope the growing number of craft beer deviants will enjoy them.


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