DC Super Heroes

3000 N. Meridian St., P.O. Box 3000, Indianapolis, IN 46206



October 19 to November 25

Earth needs more Super Heroes. Will YOU answer the call? In DC Super Heroes™: Discover Your Superpowers, you can work alongside your favorite super heroes to find clues, complete missions, and defeat villains, all while finding the superhero in YOU!


  • Perfect your Super Hero pose next to SUPERMAN™, BATMAN™, and WONDER WOMAN™. Snap an epic pic, then send it home and share with your friends!
  • Take the test to find the perfect Super Hero you are most like.
  • Fly through the sky, use laser vision to blast robots, and punch asteroids with super-strength. Then, send and share your video to the rest of your Super Hero friends.
  • Visit the Crisis Scanner to get an assignment and determine the best super hero for the mission, or test out your x-ray vision to see potential threats!

Visit the CITY DOCKS™

  • Ride the waves with AQUAMAN™
  • Dive into the action with CYBORG™ to direct electromagnetic pulses to disable BLACK MANTA™ and save the dolphins!


  • Help BATMAN™ restore the BAT-SIGNAL™! Collect clues at the Bank, Flower Shop, and Jewelry Shop in order to stop The Joker and fix the Bat-Signal.
  • Catch that crook! Help WONDER WOMAN™ capture THE CHEETAH™ and secure stolen artifacts!

Race to the S.T.A.R. LABS™

  • Test your speed against the fastest man alive, THE FLASH™, and challenge your family in the GREEN LANTERN™ Circuit Challenge.

Stop at the Comic Shop!

  • In the heart of the exhibit, you’ll find current and vintage DC comics from the museum’s collection. Page through classic comics, and draw your own Super Hero adventure!

Save the city, vie with villains, and work as a team to restore order across the DC Universe!

This exhibit is free with museum admission.

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