Cheers to Vonnegut: Craft Cocktails to Commemorate the Year of Vonnegut

It has been 10 years since Kurt Vonnegut, celebrated author and Indy's native son, passed away. While his spirit and wit is greatly missed, the city is amidst a celebration of his legacy with the opening of a new location for the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library. In the lead up to this year’s museum opening, Visit Indy has partnered with local mixologists to create Vonnegut-inspired cocktails available for a limited time. These eleven cocktail bars were selected by Indy’s Beverage Director, Sarah Murrell. Raise your glass and join us as we offer cheers to Vonnegut!

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Not Kilgore's Drāno

Tyler Burns

Where to Get It: Spoke and Steele
Who Created It: Garrett Smith

Drāno is what killed Kilgore Trout in Vonnegut's "Breakfast of Champions." Thankfully, "Not Kilgore's Drāno" will be the opposite of your demise. The drink includes scotch as a nod to Vonnegut's drink of choice and activated charcoal in reference to Kilgore's fate. And, in case you're not in the know, activated charcoal is one of the top cocktail trends we'll see across the country in 2017.

Purely Coincidental

Kendall Lockwood

Where to Get It: ball & biscuit
Who Created It: Kendall Lockwood

In Vonnegut's final novel, "Timequake," the meaninglessness he gives to characters helps them find courage, the novel states that "all persons, living and dead, are purely coincidental.” ball ‘n biscuit, a quaint bar with an industrial feel, makes their "Purely Coincidental" cocktail a twist on a classic scotch and water, which happened to be Vonnegut's favorite drink. Coincidence? We think not.

Breakfast of Champions

Ryan Gullett

Where to Get It: Bluebeard
Who Created It: Ryan Gullett

Bluebeard has always been a lover of Vonnegut, which is obvious given that they chose one of his book titles to be their namesake. Though "Breakfast of Champions" is a story about two old men, this locally sourced restaurant took the title name of the book rather literally when creating this cereal-infused masterpiece.

Armageddon in Retrospect

William Mohring

Where to Get It: Plat 99
Who Created It: William Mohring

This cocktail is named after a collection of Vonnegut's short stories, some were about war, others about peace. Plat 99 created "Armageddon in Retrospect" at their unique mixology lounge attached to the artsy Alexander hotel. The bourbon in the drink, Starlight Bourbon, uses corn from Indiana, which means Hoosiers have both Vonnegut and Starlight Bourbon to be proud of.

Sherman Krebbs

Ethan Rogers

Where to Get It: Hotel Tango
Who Created It: Ethan Rogers

While John, from "Cat's Cradle," is traveling for research, he allows poet and nihilist Sherman Krebbs to live in his apartment only to find that Krebbs wrecked the place and killed his cat, turning John away from nihilism. With gin, lemon, syrup, a “meow,” and a cat figure this drink is anything but nihilistic. Oh, and keep an eye out for their resident cat, Fletcher, who is alive and well.


Joshua Gonzalez

Where to Get It: Thunderbird
Who Created It: Joshua Gonzalez (not pictured)

"Galápagos" questions the evolutionary process of humans. Vonnegut sets part of the story in the Galapagos Islands and uses Darwin's theory to reach his own conclusion. Fountain Square's southern-inspired Thunderbird creates the "Galápagos" cocktail, full of island flavor.

Sirens of Titan

Andy Ashley

Where to Get It: Dorman Street Saloon
Who Created It: Andy Ashley

Issues of free will and human history were key in this Vonnegut novel that revolved around a martian invasion. "Sirens of Titan" have characters that make the best of their situations while Dorman Street Saloon, which has been in Indy since 1908, makes the best of their cocktails with this grapefruit-flavored drink.

The Hartke

Candace Anastasio

Where to Get It:The Libertine
Who Created It: Adam Ramsey

In the book "Hocus Pocus," Rob Roy is named after the drink Rob Roy itself. Now, more than 25 years later, The Libertine thinks it is time for Rob Roy's father, Hartke, to also share his name with a cocktail. The classic liquor bar created "The Hartke" by using scotch infused with green tea.

And So it Goes...

Candace Anastasio

Where to Get It: 1933 Lounge
Who Created It: Candace Anastasio

"And so it Goes…" is a common Vonnegut expression, much like his common drink scotch and water. The famous St. Elmo Steakhouse's 1933 Cocktail Lounge uses scotch and water for their rendition of Vonnegut's classic saying. Both St. Elmo Steakhouse and Vonnegut are Indy natives with a wealth of distinctions...and so it goes.

Amber Moment

Chris Coy

Where to Get It: Black Market
Who Created It: Heather Storms

"Slaughterhouse-Five" is one of Vonnegut's most famous novels, which refers to being trapped in an amber of a moment, meaning that we are trapped in the moment and must live in the now. Allow yourself to be in the present at Black Market, a beloved restaurant with a greenery-filled porch. When you take a sip of the sweet cocktail, you will never want to escape the trap of that Amber Moment.

Player Piano


Where to Get It: Milktooth
Who Created It: Cara Strain

Milktooth was recently named one of the best restaurants in the world by Condé Nast Traveler. Perhaps their success has much to do with their hard workers. In Vonnegut's first novel, "Player Piano," workers are replaced by machines, which worsens the society in which the characters live. Milktooth's rendition of "Player Piano" is depicted a little sweeter, with brown sugar cranberry caramel, it is clear that machines could never replace the work of these talented mixologists.




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