FEBRUARY 1, 2016

Celebrating 40 with the 500 Festival Mini Marathon

I am soon to be ‘Over The Hill.’ While I always told myself I wouldn’t be bothered by something as trivial as a birthday, I didn’t say this one is eating at me. Maybe it’s the rapid influx of gray taking over my cranium. Perhaps it’s the fact that my baby is now a pre-teen and pressing the pause button on her growth doesn’t appear to be an option. Have I accomplished all I had hoped by the mid-point of this one precious life? It is a lot to ponder.

The author makes his way to the start/finish line at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.As age advances you take stock not only of your family and career, but also your physical self. Working out becomes less of a luxury in order to rip a six pack and more a required maintenance plan. So it was with me. After an ACL tear left me hobbled I decided to use rehab as the start of a more fit me. A year and a half later I used the 39th Annual 500 Festival Mini Marathon (pictured above) to make a statement that “I was back.”

So, I achieved my goal and could hang up my running shoes. Then, I got a message on Facebook saying I should celebrate turning 40 by participating in the 40th #IndyMini ... savvy marketing. I took it as a sign from the universe and decided to be a part of this epic celebration.

I am now three weeks into serious training. In order to keep myself on track with short-term goals I also signed up for the Miler Series. For only $40 you can register for a 3, 6, and 10-mile training run. It’s the perfect way to gauge your progress, get a feel for running or walking in a race environment, and have some fun. It you finish all three you’ll be a Podium Finisher and get a special shirt. The first run in the series kicks off this Saturday, February 6, so there is still time to register.

The coming year proves to be epic in Indy. The Indianapolis 500 turns 100, the Mini Marathon turns 40, and this guy is going to get into the best shape of his life. Join me in the journey to a better you.

Click here to commit to the 2016 500 Festival Mini Marathon.

Click here to register for the 500 Festival Miler Series.

Jeff Robinson is Director of Marketing at Visit Indy. Jeff's interests include biking, hiking, craft beer, and all varieties of backyard games.
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