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Candlelight Theatre - Three Comedies of Errors

1230 N. Delaware St., Indianapolis, IN 46202
Venue Phone: 317-631-1888
Event Phone: 317-631-1888


Join Candlelight Theatre for unique, salon-style evening of theatre! This trilogy of one-act comedies, rotating through the Presidential mansion, complete with candlelight, historical artifacts and the rich ambiance of President Harrison’s original furnishings, is a one-of-a-kind theatre experience.

Box and Cox by John Maddison Morton is presented in the master bedroom. Box is a printer. He works all night. Cox is a hatter. He works all day. Box rents a room from Mrs. Bouncer, a lodging-house keeper, telling her he will only use it in the daytime. Cox visits Mrs. Bouncer and asks for a room, telling her he will only use it at night. She rents the same room to both of them, thereby starting a most bizarre series of events.

Wooed and Viewed by Georges Feydeau is staged in the back parlor. This farce by the master of mistaken motive tells the tale of a simple lawyer who has no wish other than to enjoy a peaceful, quiet lunch. His plans are abruptly interrupted by a zealous neighbor who has different, and quite unusual plans for the afternoon.

Suppressed Desires by Susan Glaspell takes the stage in the dining room. The play offers a highly amusing travesty about misapplied psychology. Henrietta’s obsession with psychoanalysis leads to a completely off-the-wall interpretation of a dream and very nearly to a divorce before the absurdity of the situation is realized.

Cost: $19.95-$23.95.