Big Lug Canteen

1435 E. 86th St., Ste. B
Indianapolis, IN 46240



Open Tues.- Sun., 11:30 am-9 pm


$12 to $24

Big Lug Canteen is a local brewery and restaurant in the Indianapolis Nora neighborhood. Big Lug's goal is to use the freshest, highest quality ingredients, many of which are sourced locally, in all of our recipes. Beers made with local honey, paw paw's, malts, and REAL Nora water (no need to manipulate the water, beers are suppose to taste unique to an area!), and we even buy local butter and flour to make our bread in house.

Eddie Sahm and Scott Ellis each have years of experience in craft beer bars, fine dining restaurant, short order kitchens, and concession stands, and combined this knowledge into a distinctly unique restaurant for Indianapolis.

Eight beers made in house will always be available and rotate week to week. Our three house beers are Kristofferson American Pale Ale, Quintana American Wheat Ale, and Kings Jive English Brown. All mild, easy drinking, and full flavored. Our goal was to bring craft beer and the neighborhood bar to a nice meeting place.

The menu is bar food driven around rich, spicy flavors, and fun layered textures. Burgers, hoagies, salads, charcuterie, soups, and more. All made in house, all made with local produce. Our servers are trained to help you pair up any food selection with a great beer option or cocktail option.

We are open late night with beers, wine, liquor, AND food. You can come in until midnight every night and eat!


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