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April Prop Day - Regina Mehallick

1410 N. Delaware St., Indianapolis, IN 46202
Venue Phone: 317-638-7881
Event Phone: 317-638-7881



April 17, 2019

Regina Mehallick will be the featured speaker at the April Prop Day on Wednesday, April 17 beginning at noon. Mehallick is a local restaurateur who is credited with helping to launch the foodie scene in Indianapolis with her restaurant R Bistro that was located on Mass Ave. Mehallick opened R Bistro on in 2001.

Mehallick specialized in farm-to-table “rustic meets contemporary” cuisine. She attended culinary school at Johnson and Wales in Charleston SC, and she worked in kitchens across Europe before settling down in Indianapolis with her husband Jim.

Mehallick is a five-time James Beard semifinalist.

Tickets: $25-$30.

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