Aadvanced Limousines
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8614 Southeastern Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46239
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Open 24/7

Aadvanced Limousines makes group transportation easy! With more than 15 years of experience, we understand the challenges that come with meeting planning and ground transportation can have a huge impact on the success of the event. With our team of professionals being a direct reflection on the event planner and the city of Indianapolis, we have spent significant resources in making sure our team is trained and educated on the expectations that are required.

While offering a diverse fleet of over 30+ vehicles, Aadvanced is big enough to offer shuttle options but small enough to coordinate a private sedan for your VIP's. With our focus being on safety, reliability, and professionalism we are your best choice when thinking of seamless transportation.

Did you know that our reservation agents are available 24/7? This allows us to accommodate changes and updates real time, all of the time. You won't sleep well wondering if that email was received or the flight is being tracked for the arrivals.

Logistic management is our specialty! We have technology in place that offers SO much for you - our client, and your client - the passenger! Here are a few examples:

  • Automated flight tracking to make sure the Chauffeur is there when the plane arrives.
  • Manifest management, if you have multiple arrivals / departures we will work through the manifest to make sure we accommodate everyone as efficiently as possible.
  • "Day of" service, can you imagine having a transportation company who has a representative on the ground, in the terminal when your guests arrive? We can do that!
  • Our system will allow a live link that will allow you to monitor Chauffeur & vehicle assignments real-time while our team is updating the info as changes roll in. That's right, we give you access to our dispatch grid which is the same view our dispatch team has. No more calling 10+ times a day for "updated chauffeur info."
  • We offer text and email alerts to know who the Chauffeur is and watch them arrive.

Aadvanced Limousines is a locally owned & operated company focused on customer service. Our owners are hands-on, in the office every day and readily available. Let us make your transportation easy!

Facebook: /317limo