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Indiana Convention Center


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An Indiana street


August 28-31, 2023

Indianapolis looks forward to welcoming APRA 2023 to the Indiana Convention Center. Take advantage of your time in Indy to explore downtown. From a morning run along the Central Canal to dinner at one of our best restaurants to a night exploring one of our vibrant neighborhoods, Indy offers a safe and walkable downtown for exploration.

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Experience Indianapolis the local way and discover the neighborhoods and lifestyle of some of Indy's coolest and most historic areas.

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Biking on the Monon Trail in Broad Ripple Jason Lavengood Photography

Broad Ripple Village

Located six miles north of the heart of downtown Indy, this quintessentially Indy neighborhood seems…


Located just one mile southeast from the heart of downtown Indy, this funky Indianapolis…

The Indiana Avenue Jazz Masters mural by Pamela Bliss pays tribute to the city's rich jazz history IM Imagebank

Indiana Avenue

Rooted in Black history and alive through cultural celebrations, Indiana Avenue grew to fame as the…

Mass Ave

Owing its moniker to the mile-long avenue with the same name, Mass Ave features many of Indy’s…

Monument Circle, home to the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, sits at the heart of downtown Indy. iStock

Wholesale District

Welcome to the center of it all. Bright lights and marquees highlight the best performances in town…


Located five miles east of downtown Indy, this historic Indianapolis neighborhood has made a name…

Garfield Park

Garfield Park is a family-friendly neighborhood located south of Fountain Square with easy access to…


You may already know Speedway as being the home of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Indianapolis…

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Dec 4, 2023   |   Mia Townsend

5 Places for Creatives in Indy

Our city is full of creatives and it shows. Check out these 5 creative offerings next time you are looking to be creatively inspired…

Whimsical Wonka Wonders in Indianapolis Dec 06
Food & Drink

Whimsical Wonka Wonders in Indianapolis

  • 2 minute read

Before Charlie, before the chocolate factory, there was Wonka. The soon-to-be-released Wonka movie will tell the story of how the beloved character that we know and love today was determined to change the world one bite at a time. Speaking of one bite at a time, indulge yourself…

5 Places for Creatives in Indy Dec 04
  • 2 minute read

Our city is full of creatives and it shows. Check out these 5 creative offerings next time you are looking to be creatively inspired. Creative Mornings Creative Mornings events are held around the globe and we are lucky to have an Indianapolis chapter. Starting around 8:30 am…

Eco-Friendly Options for the Indy Local Dec 04
  • 2 minute read

Looking to leave less of a carbon footprint and shop more sustainably? Don’t worry, Indy has some great options for you to spend your money in a more eco-conscious way. Indy Based Refillery A refillery serves as a place for you to bring reusable containers from home or…