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Indy Solar Eclipse

The path of totality runs through Indy and we want you to be part of our citywide celebration.

8 Days of Eclipse Giveaways

On April 8, 2024, at 3:06 pm, a total solar eclipse will grace the skies across the entire continental United States, marking a rare alignment of the sun, moon, and earth. What better way to commemorate this historic occasion than with eight days of giveaways? Valued at over $1,500, these packages feature an array of gift-worthy prizes and exclusive admission to one-of-a-kind exhibits. Join us and your loved ones in experiencing this epic moment in history together.

This giveaway has ended. For more ways to win, visit our Contest page.

Day 1: Win A Parking Voucher for Lunacy!

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime solar event at White River State Park's Lunacy! This is an ideal spot for viewing the eclipse, with multiple viewing locations and a full slate of activities to help make your day memorable. With 20 food trucks and a signature food competition, you'll have ample opportunities to fuel up and get ready for the main event.

Plus, with Indianapolis Indians' opening day on March 29, free parking at Victory Field is included!

Day 1 Eclipse Giveaway WRSP

Day 2: Win a Car Ride or a primitive RV Campsite Spot at the Indiana State Fairgrounds

Witness the Great American Eclipse at the Indiana State Fairgrounds! Drive in or camp out at the fairgrounds with partners from WTHR. WTHR Team members will host family activities throughout the day. Additionally, enjoy live music on stage, a bar serving drinks, and local food trucks with eclipse-themed menus serving throughout their parking areas!

State Fairground Eclipse Giveaway

Day 3: Win four tickets to Conner Prairie’s Total Solar Eclipse Event

Experience a transformative haven of wonder and delight at Conner Prairie’s Total Solar Eclipse Event! Immerse yourself in live performances from musical acts, dance companies, and enlightening talks by renowned experts who will illuminate the science behind this mesmerizing event.

Conner Prairie Eclipse Festival

Day 4: Win Eclipse Glasses and Swag from The Shop Indy

Dress to impress for the Total Solar Eclipse. Get your official Indy-brand t-shirt from The Shop Indy! With the iconic "Indy" logo set in front of the solar eclipse, you can tout your part in this once-in-a-lifetime experience with this Indy wearable. Plus, the winner will also receive Indy-themed eclipse glasses to complete the outfit.

The Shop Eclipse Swag

Day 5: Win A Voucher for the Total Eclipse Tailgate at Ruoff Music Center

Witness a great natural phenomena at your favorite tailgate spot, Ruoff Music Center! On April 8, 2024, you’ll witness a total solar eclipse in the skies. Join a tailgate parking lot party with live entertainment, beer garden, food trucks, on-site activities, including an inflatable obstacle course, a special guest speaker from NASA and conclude the day with a DJ-inspired dance party.

Ruoff Eclipse

Day 6: Win four tickets to Newfield’s Total Eclipse of the Art

Experience the Total Eclipse of the Art at Newfields! Spend the day shining bright, celebrating this once-in-a-lifetime experience with films, food, and festivities in a historic and memorable locale. At 3:08 PM, when the sky goes into temporary and unforgettable darkness, raise a toast with champagne to commemorate this epic moment in history.

Newfields Eclipse

Day 7: Win Four tickets to IMS and NASA’s Total Solar Eclipse Event

Watch the Total Solar Eclipse take place at the Racing Capital of the World! Join the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and NASA as they broadcast live from the track. NASA experts will be on hand to answer your burning questions about this scientific phenomenon. Plus, enjoy educational STEM opportunities, exclusive merchandise, and programming centered around racing and space discovery throughout the day.

IMS Eclipse

Day 8: Win two tickets to the Indiana State Museum’s Solarbration

Experience out-of-this-world fun at the Indiana State Museum! Receive VIP access to Solarbration, which includes access to their balcony with a direct line of sight to the total solar eclipse, a bar serving specialty cocktails, and eclipse-themed hors d'oeuvres. Don’t miss out on this elevated eclipse experience!

Indiana State Museum Solarbration