Raymond James Stutz Artists Open House

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212 W. 10th St., Indianapolis, IN 46202



April 28 to April 29

The historic former car factory that houses artists’ studios will come alive for a weekend in the spring. More than 60 artists will welcome visitors to their studios at the annual Raymond James Stutz Artists Open House.

The event began in 1993 when building owner Turner Woodard, an abstract painter himself, joined with a few other artists to host an open house. They threw some beer on ice in a plastic kids swimming pool and invited some friends.

Now, the event attracts 5,000 people every year, bringing to the historic Stutz building art lovers of all types who welcome the chance to wander through artists’ studios.

The open house is an opportunity to see artwork in the settings where it’s created. Artwork ranges from paintings, drawings and photography, to sculpture, jewelry and furniture. The event also offers a rare chance to see vintage cars on display in the historic Stutz car factory.

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