Soldiers & Sailors Monument/Monument Circle

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1 Monument Circle
Indianapolis, IN 46204



Open Fri.-Sun., 10:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.



The monument is located on Monument Circle in the center of downtown and has come to symbolize the city of Indianapolis and the state of Indiana.

Designed by Bruno Schmitz and constructed between 1887 and 1902, this limestone monument includes sculptures by Rudolf Schwartz (who created the figures on the structure's sides), George Brewster (who created the figure of Victory that caps the monument, as well as two astragals) and Nicolaus Geiger (who created the Army astragal).

A statue of Civil War-era governor Oliver P. Morton, created by Franklin Simmons, preceded the monument and was incorporated into its construction. John H. Mahoney then created three other similarly scaled figures (General George Rogers Clark, Governor William Henry Harrison and Governor James Whitcomb), to reflect Indiana's participation in earlier conflicts.

The Col. Eli Lilly Civil War Museum is housed in the lower level. Observation level is 330 steps up or take the elevator to step 290.

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