IndyFringe Short Play Festival

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339 Massachusetts Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46204

Downtown | Mass Ave


March 31 to April 2

Presented by IndyFringe and Writers Center of Indiana, and featuring outstanding playwrights from The Writers Center.

The themes are as wide-ranging as the playwrights themselves "Sex - Death - A CPAP Machine" warped and humorous and everything in between....

IndyFringe and the Indiana Writers Center have put together an emerging playwrights' showcase featuring ten-minute plays by exciting new playwrights who have been honing their craft at the Indiana Writers Center and presented by your favorite local theatre companies.

Carol Stamile: Transcendental Blues, A man preparing for his wife's funeral has a sudden compulsion to ask the attending priest for a confession--it turns out he has a lot to atone for. (Catalyst Productions, Ryan Reddick, Director)

Bob Broemel and Claire Panke: The Gift of Branwen, A psychiatric social work tries to find out if sex and Wagner will mix when his doctor prescribes an unusual cure for his stress management problem. (Khaos Company Theater, Anthony Nathan, Director)

Robin Lovelace: The Final Job, A female assassin wonders if a new high-paying job is worth the compensation; her husband has his own ideas. (Khaos Company Theater, Anthony Nathan, Director)

Casey O'Leary: All Is Forgiven, A woman bent on making amends to her former lover finds that the process does not unfold as she expected: will she get the forgiveness she seeks? (Catalyst Productions, Ryan Reddick, Director)

Tim Leonard Hoe Down: All that Dynasty, a street prostitute, really wants (besides another hit off a pipe) is a ride home--getting that ride may be harder than she expects. (Theatre on the Square, Lori Raffel, Director)

Gary Rhyne: Welcome to Bob's Zen Center. Sal is court ordered to visit a zen center. He doesn't want enlightenment, just a signature to satisfy a judge. The monks at the center aren't so easily convinced. (CYT, Laura Baltz, Director)

Warnings: adult content, adult language. Recommended for ages 16 and up.

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