You love when the sun goes down and the city flickers to life. Your night starts when others head to bed. The dance floor is your stage and the late-night diner your after party.

You keep the party going long after the sun goes down. You’re a Night Owl. 

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Night owls djben
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DJ Ben's Guide to Indy Nightlife
Meet The Man Behind the Party

Music is a vital ingredient to every good night out. And DJ Ben knows all the best spots. From packed concerts to pulsating dance clubs to Burlesque Bingo Bango shows, DJ Ben shares the best places to go out in Indy. 


Night owls vogue
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The Vogue
Storied nightclub in Indy’s nightlife mecca

  • Located just south of the Broad Ripple strip, it is one of the most popular music venues in the Midwest
  • An eclectic list of national and local acts have performed here, including Ice Cube, the Dave Matthews Band, and Willie Nelson
  • Regular dance parties make The Vogue one of Indy's top clubs
Night owls fountainsquare
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Fountain Square at Night
Throwback Cool

  • Meet artists, shop art, and immerse yourself in the local art scene at Fountain Square First Fridays, when local galleries and studios stay open late
  • Hit HiFi, an intimate 195-person concert venue serving great local beers and wines, and a long list of touring artists
  • Knock over tiny pins at the Fountain Square Theatre building, and find out why duckpin bowling is a local rage
Night owls slipperynoodle
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The Slippery Noodle Inn
Dis Is It

  • Slippery Noodle is the oldest continually operating bar in Indiana, dating back to 1850
  • John Dillinger (you can still see bullet holes in the wall where he left his mark) once frequented The Noodle 
  • Today, the Noodle is the premier venue for live blues in the city
Night owls hotel bars
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Hotel Bars
Convenient Hotspots for Cool Cocktails

Whether for a nightcap or an evening, Indy's selection of hotel bars offer atmosphere and libations for all tastes. Take your pick from the sports-centric vibe of Champions and High Velocity or the contemporary design and craft cocktails being served at the Severin Bar and Plat 99. And wine lovers will rejoice while sampling wines from around the world at Tastings.


Night owls handlebar
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The Handlebar
See Indy From a Barstool

  • Come by yourself or (better yet) bring a group for Indy's liveliest city tour
  • Bring your favorite beer or wine and pedal power as the group supplies the collective energy to move the bar through the city
  • Your skilled driver will point out aspects of the city as you pedal
Night owls tapsanddolls
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South Meridian Bar District
Dance the night away

Night owls cocktails
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Craft Cocktails
Mixology as an Art

You won’t find a bartender at any of these joints. Discover the art of a craft cocktail, with true mixologists mixing your drink of choice behind the bar. From dark basements to former rockabilly bars and art hotels, the spaces are as good as the libations.


Night owls chatterbox
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Mass Ave Hangouts
a hot downtown district

  • Local watering hole The Chatterbox is a favorite for live local jazz every night
  • A new spot is Union 50, with live music inside a wide open space that once served as the Bricklayers, Masons, and Tile Setters union hall
  • The tacos and a western vibe at Bakersfield are best washed down with a margarita served in a Ball Jar


Night owls rathskeller
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Rathskeller Restaurants and Biergarten
Tall German Beers and Live Music Under the Stars

  • Fill your belly with fare such as Sauerbraten and Schnizel in Indy's oldest continuously running restaurant
  • Soak in live music from large picnic tables or get on your feet and take to the dance floor
  • Enjoy large pours of German beers from the Kellerbar (pace yourself!) and be sure to try the hot pretzels and fiery mustard


Night owls breweries
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What's on Tap
Indy's Best Breweries

Drink local at one of Indy’s thriving craft breweries. Growing by the minute, Indy is now home to 25+ breweries, ranging from small tasting rooms to large warehouses. From the Broad Ripple Brewpub, the granddaddy of Indy breweries, to local favorite Sun King Brewery, the city has become a hotbed for hopheads. Experience a handful of our best breweries on Indy’s Brew Bus tour. 


Night owls peppygrill
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Peppy Grill
Late Night Grub

  • A 24-hour diner that fills up when the bars close
  • Famous for blueberry pancakes, biscuits and gravy, and breaded tenderloins
  • Ultimate greasy spoon where short-order cooking is a fine art


Night owls hyatt
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The Hyatt Regency Indianapolis
In the middle of the action

  • Classy Hyatt accommodations and service with free WiFi
  • For a nightcap, check out the sophisticated Level One in the lobby
  • Recover at the fitness center in the morning before heading out to refuel with breakfast



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Where the Locals Go to See a Show

Indy’s music scene goes beyond huge concert halls. At these nine small venues in Indianapolis, there are no assigned seats; there is only music — be it blues, jazz, rock, punk, metal, or indie folk.


Night owls patachou
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Brunch in Indy
Start the Day Right

Recover from a late night out at one of Indy’s best brunch spots. From locally roasted coffee, to red velvet pancakes, to boozy breakfast cocktails, we know brunch is an important part of every quality weekend. Follow along as we share our favorite spots – including some knock-your-socks-off cinnamon toast.


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