Jacco Oliver - Liquid Painting, Liquid Time

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4000 N. Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46208

International Marketplace


January 19 to February 12

Jacco Olivier: Liquid Painting, Liquid Time features a selection of lush, vibrantly colored video animations by Dutch artist Jacco Olivier. Olivier’s painterly videos depict a variety of subject matter, ranging from intimate scenes of daily life to captivating landscapes and abstract visions.

Although Olivier has chosen to work in the medium of video, the artist views himself first and foremost as a painter. However, instead of being content with paintings that are static and unchanging—the conditions of a traditionally “finished” painting—Olivier goes several steps further. He produces works that literally move and change through the use of video animation. For many of the videos in this exhibition, Olivier photographs his actual paintings, documenting his alterations, sometimes while the paint is still wet. Afterward, he sequences the resulting photographs into seamless animations, which, as time passes, flow before our very eyes.

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