Shen Yun

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4602 Sunset Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46208
Event Phone: 317-940-6444

Broad Ripple


March 8 to March 9 at 7:30 PM

Witness the divine culture’s return! An extraordinary journey across 5,000 years of Chinese civilization! With classical Chinese dance, live orchestra, dazzling costumes and animated backdrops, Shen Yun will transport you to another world.

Millions have seen Shen Yun. Standing ovations at sold-out theaters around the world have made it a global sensation. Experience a performance that will touch your soul.

Classical Chinese dance: From battlefields to imperial palaces, classical Chinese dance has a history of thousands of years, sharing a common ancestry with martial arts. Its dramatic jumping, spinning, and flipping techniques are just part of the vast repertoire of movements that make classical Chinese dance -- one of the most demanding and expressive art forms in the world.

Perfect harmony of East & West: From the moment the gong is struck, you know you are in for something memorable. The Shen Yun Orchestra masterfully blends ancient Chinese instruments, like the emotive erhu and delicate pipa, with a full Western orchestra, creating an exhilarating new sound.

Dazzling ethnic & folk dances: From snowcapped Tibetan peaks down to boundless Mongolian grasslands, timeless ethnic and folk dances fill Shen Yun’s stage with color and energy, as resounding drums awaken the dusty plateaus of the Middle Kingdom.

Watch myths & legends come alive: Brave generals, heavenly maidens, mischievous monks, and even a flying pig! China’s 5,000 years have yielded an endless trove of legends, myths, and literary classics.

A difference you will feel: A soul-stirring experience. In ancient China, artists valued integrity, meditation, and a mindful lifestyle. They took to heart the belief that to create inspiring art there must first be inner beauty. Today, Shen Yun’s artists follow this noble tradition, incorporating study and meditation into their rigorous daily training. The result? A performance that moves audiences in beautiful and profound ways.

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Tickets: $60-$120. Children under 5 are not admitted.

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